Commercial Flood

Commercial Flood Insurance

Commercial flood insurance protects your business from the damages that occur in the event of a flood.  While they are more common in some areas of the country than others, most of Florida is at a higher risk given our proximity to sea level. If you have made the effort to create your own business, you should seriously consider obtaining and maintaining a commercial flood insurance policy to protect what you have built

Commercial flood insurance will cover the costs of repairing damage as well as replacing damaged portions of the buildings and structures of your business if the loss occurs due to flooding which can be defined as a loss due to “rising waters”. Bear in mind that loss due to flood is generally excluded from your business property policy. Since most flood damage affects flooring, walls, foundations, wiring and plumbing, it is always a good idea to set as low of a deductible for this portion of coverage as you possibly can. Coverage for your business property can be included as well.

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